Kitten Vaccination Schedule

6 to 8 weeks Comprehensive Exam

FVRCP vaccination -Purevax

Intestinal parasite test

Single dose parasite preventitive fleas/earmites

Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus Test

Assess diet, free 4 lb bag of food

9 to 11 weeks Recheck exam with doctor or nurse

FVRCP booster -Purevax

Leukemia vaccination

Single dose parasite preventitive

12 to 14 weeks Recheck exam with doctor

FVRCP booster -Purevax

Leukemia booster

Spay/Neuter estimate

Pre-Surgery blood work

Dental care demonstration, free dental supplies

6 month supply of parasite preventitive

6 Months Spay/Neuter Rabies vaccination- Purevax