Making the hardest decision you may ever have to make.

After the euthanasia injection, your pet’s body may go through some common processes. It is important to remember that these processes always take place AFTER your pet has passed, and that the body left behind no longer contains your pet’s essence, or spirit, or soul.

- Please note that your pet’s eyes will remain open following euthanasia, as this may be distressing to some owners.

- In some cases, evacuation of the bowels (urination and/or defecation) can follow euthanasia. You may want to consider this when electing the location of your pet’s passing.

- Following euthanasia, your pet’s body may undergo muscle twitching, or tremoring. Our bodies are like electrical circuits, and electrical impulses may remain for a short time period. While any muscle or muscle group can experience this electrical activity, if the diaphragm (the “breathing muscle”) twitches, it may look as though your pet’s body is breathing erratically, or gasping. While rare, this may be distressful to watch, and it is important to please try to remember that your pet is no longer in that body, and that this erratic electrical activity is NOT breathing. It normally lasts only 1-2 minutes at most.

The euthanasia process, and the drugs used, are not inherently painful. However, different animals have different tolerances and sensitivity to drugs and to injections. Please rest assured that we will do everything in our power to assess your pet’s individual situation, and to make his/her passing as stressless an experience for them and for you as possible.