Making the hardest decision you may ever have to make.

After euthanasia, your options for care of your pet’s remains include the following:

1. You may choose to take care of your pet’s remains yourself.

Some people elect to bury their pets in their property- this is not generally allowed by law, so you should consider your decision carefully. Additionally, bear in mind that other animals can pick up the scent of your pet’s remains, and may dig up your pet if they have access to your property. This can be extremely distressing to you and your loved ones.

2. You may choose to have your pet’s remains cremated

Cremation is a process whereby your pet’s body is incinerated in a special chamber, at extremely high temperatures, resulting ash in and small particles, commonly called “cremains”. You may choose to have your animal individually cremated, in which case his/her ashes, or cremains, will be mailed back to you within 5-10 business days. Another option is to have your pet’s remains communally cremated, comingled with other pets, in which case your pet’s cremains will not be returned to you.

3. You may have your pet buried at a Pet Cemetery.

There are various Pet Cemeteries throughout the Los Angeles area. We are happy to provide referrals, as well as transportation of your pet to the Cemetery of your choice.

Please be aware that Cemetery arrangements must be made directly with the Cemetery beforehand by you.

If you elect to have your pet privately cremated, we offer a variety of urns for safekeeping of their cremains, as well as an exclusive product line of resin jewelry that incorporates your pets cremains, so that you may always keep part of your pet with you at all times.